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About Us

Practice Dedicated to Improving Outcomes with Accessible Care.

Capital Primary & Geriatric Care, LLC is a physician-driven medical practice. We specialize in primary care, geriatric care and wound care to adults and seniors.

We Work Together

Our team works in nursing facility as well as a concierge medical practice to customize treatment plans specific to your needs. Capital Primary & Geriatric Care is dedicated to providing the highest level of care with compassion and warmth.

Benefits the Nursing Facility Receives

Capital Primary & Geriatric Care provides wound care rounds and beyond to nursing facilities.



Expert trained wound care nurse

The HALLMARK of our practice is that we incorporate a wound nurse. As part of our commitment, our wound care practice includes trained wound care nurses to facilitate wound rounds. Our nurses improve nursing documentation and guides the facility staff in wound treatments done outside of wound rounds.

Multidisciplinary wound rounds

We believe in weekly wound rounds with the nurses as well as other providers: nutritional, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and case management.  We review medical records of the residents including hospital records reflecting inpatient care prior to nursing facility admission.  We also review records pertinent to wound care from visits to outside providers such as infectious disease specialists and surgeons. We assess the wounds and speak with the residents to screen for any pain or other signs of complications such as infection. We confer with staff regarding multiple aspects related to wound care such as nutritional and offloading. We utilize this information to devise a wound care plan that not only includes topical care but also a multidisciplinary approach which addresses factors complicating wound healing.

Bedside debridement

Chronic wounds typically develop necrotic tissue with bioburden that inhibits their healing. We have extensive experience in performing bedside debridement in nursing facilities to remove devitalized/necrotic tissue which decreases the bioburden and enhance healing. We provide topical anesthesia as well as debridement equipment to enable this important aspect of wound care.

Rapid documentation turnaround time

We offer dragon and a transcription service to enable completion and access of our records within 24 hours.

Advanced wound care products

We have extensive experience with using new wound care products from major nursing facility DME suppliers such as Medline Industries, Inc., American Medicine Technologies, and TwinMed. We have expertise with wound vacuums and advanced surgical devices such as Penrose Drains, Jackson-Pratt Drains, Ostomies, Gastronomy tube, Tracheostomies etc. Our services allow the nursing facility to be a strong center of wound care for surgical patients. This can be an asset for the nursing facility as they market themselves to the hospital.

Preclude outside visits to wound care centers

With over a decade of experience in working in wound care centers, our goal is to bring that extraordinary level of care to the facility so that residents do not need to be transported outside to these centers.

Picture based electronic medical records

We can utilize EMR that incorporates pictures of wounds taken during rounds. This enables tracking of wound healing and treatment which improves documentation, particularly for state-surveys.


Immediate accessibility at all times

We understand that acute wound care issues arise in between scheduled wound care rounds. So, we encourage nursing facility staff to contact us directly. We can access resident medical records remotely allowing us to manage these issues via telehealth. We are very amenable to visit residents in between the wound rounds to provide them care. Such residents include new admissions to the facility as well as those with complex wounds.

Avoid acquired/worsening decubitus ulcers

We actively treat pressure ulcers by using a multifaceted approach that extends beyond topical wound care. This includes offloading, proper support surface implementation, nutritional supplementation, moisture control, and treatment of any dermatitis. We also manage lesions in “pressure” areas to avoid their progression to pressure ulcers.

Medical care related to wound healing

We don’t provide wound care in a vacuum. We recognize many health conditions that relate to wound care such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, venous insufficiency, muscle contracture, malnutrition, infection, etc.  We assist the primary physician in managing these health conditions as oftentimes the worsening of wounds may signal that these conditions may warrant more aggressive management.

Resident/family counseling

Residents need to be compliant with wound care when they leave the facility for home or transferring to another facility. We provide counseling to residents to promote this compliance and ensure a smooth transition. This includes nutritional support, tobacco cessation, and other types of counseling. We also involve family members and next of kins in our counseling to address their feedback and ensure them of the optimal wound care their loved ones are receiving.

No additional cost to the facility

We accept all major health insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Products including HMOs and PPOs. We aim to eliminate any administrative burden on the facilities.

Coordination of care with outside providers

Often residents require various specialists to care for their wounds. These include surgeons as well as infectious disease specialists, particularly for resident with wounds complicated by osteomyelitis. We aim to recognize wounds that may be challenging and we actively seek specialists that can assist in wound care. Examples are necrotic wounds that warrants invasive debridement by surgeons in an OR setting, arterial insufficiency ulcers warranting revascularization by vascular surgeons, and non-healing wounds that may benefit from grafting and flap procedures by plastic surgeons. We also confer with primary care physicians to brainstorm means of treating non-healing wounds.

Avoid citations in wound care including F-tags

We avoid surveyor demerits in wound care such as F-tags (F684/F686). We provide thorough wound care documentation that uphold CMS guidelines and we accurately categorize ulcers to distinguish decubitus ulcers from other lesions. We address the wound care/skin condition component of the Minimum Date Set (MDS) and wound care related SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) to uphold Joint Commission standards.

General Internal & Geriatric Care

Capital Primary & Geriatric Care takes pride in providing internal medicine and geriatric medicine in nursing facilities.

Personalized care for residents

We provide general geriatric care to residents of nursing facilities including independent, assisted, and skilled nursing facilities. We have specialized training in geriatrics that enables us to address the unique needs of the senior population. We welcome helping patients with advanced medical conditions because we appreciate the difference we can make in our service.


The HALLMARK of our practice is that we provide nurses to assist us in our care of the residents. Our nurses conduct order entry, make appointments with outside providers, get outside records, and procure durable medical equipment (DME). Our nurses facilitate provider healthcare delivery and their communication with the facility. This improves quality measures and eliminates demerits (F-tags) during surveys.

Electronic medical records

We implement supplemental electronic medical records (EMR) that improves provider documentation. This platform extrapolates resident medical history from the facility EMR. This enables optimal formulation of provider documentation as well as Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) enhancement in provider care.

Visual based platform for telehealth

Telehealth visits, via Doxy.me, provides our internal medicine, geriatric medicine and wound care specialists flexibility to be reached anytime eliminating any gaps of care and lack of available providers. This is valuable for acutely sick patients and in other urgent circumstances.

Improving continuity of care documentation (CCD)

We review records of hospital stays and those from outside providers and incorporate them into facility records. This incorporation of continuity of care documentation (CCD) improves facility medical records and enables facility staff access to all resident medical information for them to provide optimal care.

Provide inpatient care to residents referred to the hospital

For residents admitted to the hospital, we can extend our service to care for them as inpatients. Residents and families appreciate this continuity of care. Our experience as hospitalists helps patients navigate difficult times when they are in the hospital.

Benefits the Patients Receive

Personalized care
We recognize that different patients have different resources and support systems that influence the delivery of their health care. We develop a healthcare plan for each patient that fits their unique needs.
Dedicated team
Our team is comprised of a physician as well as nurse practitioners and nurses with experience and dedication to help you. We believe in improving the quality of care for patients both medically and mentally. We also make sure that family and loved ones are on board and understand our treatment/care plan.
Virtual visits
We offer telehealth option via Doxy.me platform for all patients so we can overcome any geographic barriers to provide optimal care. Telehealth complements the in-person care we give patients. Telehealth grants patients the convenience of doing follow up visits, checkups and so forth.
Concierge medicine
We incorporate nurses and nurse practitioners to visit patients in their home to provide primary care, geriatric care and wound care for patients who have difficulty making clinic visits. Our concierge model provides high-quality care by enabling us to spend more time with each patient.

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